Urban design

The Riviera @Puri

Tangerang, Indonesia


Site Area:
12 ha

House Types:

Type 8 x 15
Type 8 x 18
Type 10 x 15
Type 10 x 18

Masterplan and architectural concept

Riviera at Puri's site lies along the Angke River. The master plan focuses on creating a green open space along the riverfront by strategically placing a jogging track along the river and connecting the clubhouse and several pocket parks. The design emphasizes a harmonious integration of the new housing cluster with its natural surroundings. The gate and clubhouse are critical focal points, contributing to the overall design coherence. The layout prioritizes a green connection along the river, complemented by a central spine and boundary oriented in a north-south direction for passive cooling of the buildings. 

The house design prioritizes natural ventilation and light in each room, promoting a healthy and comfortable lifestyle. Canopies and balconies provide shading to mitigate direct sunlight and heat gain. The backyard functions as an air well, contributing to the overall sustainability and well-being of the living spaces. To address the long land plot of the 8 x 18 type, it is separated into a main building and an annex, connected by a bridge to ensure all rooms receive natural sunlight.