Urban design

Tanjung Uma Integrated Development

Batam, Indonesia

PT Ekamas Mandiri Perkasa

Site Area:
748 ha

Conceptual Masterplan


Positioned strategically across the strait from Singapore, this development is poised to evolve into a vibrant mixed-use development. The coastal masterplan project integrates newly reclaimed land and a natural island as its core. A key landmark tower stands in the middle of the natural island as the main focal point of the development. Commercial zones line the ocean-facing areas, while residential spaces are meticulously situated near the mainland.

The city center is at the heart of the planned area, housing civic buildings and essential facilities. Green axes act as separators for each development block, complemented by strategically placed towers that serve as landmarks.

The urban experience is heightened by creating active street frontages, delineating key retail streets, and optimizing flow by providing optional service lanes. Parking garages are strategically positioned away from main streets, ensuring a seamless pedestrian experience by limiting car entrances. Conversely, limited street parking is allocated for shophouses on secondary streets. Building placement is carefully optimized to capture breathtaking ocean views and enhance natural ventilation, resulting in a harmonious fusion of functionality and aesthetics.