MPM Lubricant Headquarter

Cilegon, Banten, Indonesia

MPM Lubricant 

Site Area:
1000 m2

Floor Area:
1800 m2

No. of stories:

Design Architect 


Situated in an industrial coastal area with high pollution and abrasive winds, the office building requires materials that withstand harsh environmental conditions. Exposed bricks and creeper plants are chosen for a distinctive appearance, with corporate identity engraved on the façade. These materials will mature together with the building. We put special consideration on hardscape and softscape materials because of the sandy soil and humid, salty air. Whereas plants adaptable to harsh conditions are selected, the topsoil is modified for optimal planting.

Flexibility and collaboration are the main themes of spatial design. Stacked function blocks around an atrium as an entrance, lobby, and interaction space. A hanging circular stair connects functions, with the ground floor hosting public areas and the second-floor housing offices overlooking factory activities. The connection to the factory is on the second floor for efficient coordination.