Urban design

Masterplan & UDGL for MRTJ TOD Areas


PT MRT Jakarta 

Site Area:

Master plan and urban design guidelines

Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP
Wahana Trans Utama

The Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) master plan spans seven MRT stations of its 1st phase, encompassing an approximate 700-meter radius around each station. The primary focus is to enhance pedestrian and bicycle connectivity within proximity to transit, fostering compact and well-connected developments within the TOD areas. The overarching goal is to elevate spatial quality for long-term benefits, improving the overall quality of life through strategic urban interventions in connectivity and public realms.

This master plan adheres to eight fundamental planning principles endorsed by MRTJ, emphasizing the creation of mixed-use developments characterized by high density and enhanced livability. These principles prioritize social equity, environmental sustainability, increased connectivity, resilient infrastructure, and economic regeneration. Given the nature of the site areas, the master plan operates as a redevelopment strategy, with physical interventions contingent on land availability and existing site features. To facilitate the optimal redevelopment of TOD areas, the master plan incorporates a framework and platform to encourage public-private partnerships, propelling redevelopment initiatives within the TOD zones.