Masjid Baitul Mughni

North Lombok, Indonesia

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Yayasan Baitul Mughni, Pondok Pesantren Al-Istiqomah Kapu

Conceptual design to Schematic drawing

Every architecture has to be unique because it is always located in different place, climate, technology, social and culture that have direct or indirect impact to the architecture. Lombok has this unique architecture as in Sasak Tribe house, this was manifested from local technology (wooden structure), culture (certain shape and decorative element) and climate (to address tropical issue such as rain and and humid weather). The new mosque is inspired by the Sasak Tribe house with some modification to make it more wavy and modern instead of following the style of middle eastern mosque like any other mosques in Lombok. This new modernized Sasak House shape can encounter climate challenge while still respect the local culture using current technology (wood bending).

Designing religious architecture, we can reflect on the holy book and prophet sayings, in this case Al-Qur’an and As-Sunnah. Both of the literature never mentioned specifically regarding the shape of building or any symbols. When people try to define certain shape and symbol as Islamic identity, that will become an issue because that claim has no strong and correct religious basis. That is why we tried to approach the building shape with modern and contemporary thinking but inspired from local wisdom. Both literature regulates about the detail of things such as prayer orientation, prayer lines, wudhu space away from toilet, toilet orientation, no excessive decoration, etc. The other important rule that we have from Al-Qur’an and As-Sunnah is the firm separation between male and female space and activities. Instead of separating the gender zone horizontally, we tried to separate them vertically. This way they will be perfectly separated because the male will be at 2nd floor while the female will be at ground floor. Not only that, we also try to designate the separate pathway approaching the mosque for each gender.

The new Mosque at Al Istiqomah has capacity for 800 people with 1,348 m2 gross floor area and 600 m2 effectively pray area. The pray area still could be extended into surrounding corridor.The main structure supported by 24 wooden round column. The staircase on the North side not just function as entry to male pray area but could be use as sitting area facing the garden beside the Mosque. While on the East side, there is a wooden ramp walk way for difable and old man access to upper floor.