Urban design

Asia Tropis Residential Cluster

Bekasi, Indonesia

Site Area:
14.3 ha

PT Hasana Damai Putra

Scope of Work:
Masterplan and architectural design & drawing

Asia Tropis is a residential cluster within the Kota Harapan Indah new town development at the Jakarta-Bekasi border—the masterplan aimed at creating a cohesive and community-centric living space and fostering a tight-knit community. Thus, the cluster's focal point is elongated parks, which stretch in front of the row houses. Providing playgrounds and a public outdoor gym in these extended parks enhances the cluster's appeal and value. Furthermore, to improve accessibility for residents residing in the innermost areas, pedestrian shortcuts towards the main entrance are added between houses.

A harmonious interplay of transparent and solid walls characterizes the house design. This intentional design choice adds aesthetic appeal and allows abundant natural sunlight and ventilation, cultivating a comfortable and healthy living space for all residents.