Urban design

Aceh Sports Complex

Aceh, Indonesia

Dispora Aceh

Site Area:
250 ha


Uni Tri Cipta

Perched atop a scenic hill with commanding views of the Andaman Sea, the site within the Syiah Kuala University future development area presents a unique opportunity for the sports complex. Currently shrouded in bushes and barren soil, with the sloping topography and threats of landslides, the landscape is poised for a sustainable metamorphosis.

This commitment extends beyond aesthetics, shaping the master plan into a climate-adaptive and future-proof infrastructure. Reforestation efforts intertwine with the creation of expansive green public spaces, ensuring a harmonious coexistence with the natural surroundings. The landscape design prioritizes environmental sustainability, leveraging the sloping land for a vibrant flower garden, emphasizing groundwater recharge and soil protection.  

The master plan demonstrates a meticulous balance between minimal contour modification to preserve accessibility, especially for individuals with disabilities, and the imperative to create a sports complex primed for use beyond National Sports Week. Anticipating the post-event scenario, the design envisages the complex as a dynamic hub, encouraging many activities and community engagement.

Integrating a ring road surrounding the sports complex is a strategic solution for separating vehicular traffic, granting convenient access to each sports field/venue. Pedestrian and bicycle networks seamlessly connect these fields through open spaces and lush greenery, enhancing the spectator experience while fostering a sustainable mode of transport.

In its broader societal impact, the master plan catalyzes economic development, offering everyday usability and hosting large-scale events. The inclusive and flexible use of spaces creates connectivity for vehicular and non-vehicular traffic, generating new employment opportunities. Furthermore, the project extends its reach to the community by facilitating shared spaces and acting as a research area for the university, exemplifying a commitment to giving back to Aceh in multifaceted dimensions.