09 October 2023

PDW Received Two SIP Awards for Regenerative Approach

The regenerative approach is what we seek in two of our recent projects. Regeneration acknowledges interconnectedness with the community, economy, and nature. It goes beyond preservation; it's about advancing toward a better living environment for our communities, nature, and the environment we inhabit. 

We are grateful our projects were recognized at SIP Awards 2023 and received two distinguished awards, Katingan Mentaya Tampelas Project and Aceh Sports Complex Master Plan. We are pleased to share the Judges' citations for both projects.


Katingan Mentaya Tampelas Project - Gold Award under 'Excellence in Planning for Community Engagement & Social Inclusiveness' category

"The project demonstrates a holistic and comprehensive framework for participatory planning and implementing a sustainable future for a village. It is well-thought and has well-defined participatory approach to cover nature, people and resource, which involves many stakeholders including the private sector. The community engagement in hearing the villagers’ aspiration, problems and creating job opportunities for them is laudable.

Aspects of environmental resilience are also integrated in the project. The regenerative concept has been carried through from the pre-concept to ideation, planning and implementation strategies. The proposal is very much replicable if the model can be successfully implemented in one of the sites."


Aceh Sports Complex Master Plan - Silver Award under 'Excellence in Planning for Environmental Resiliency' category

“This is an innovative project combining environmental, economic and social needs in the planning of the proposed infrastructures. The nature-positive approach to planning the sports complex is well carried through and the strategies are well aligned. A whole ecosystem approach was adopted which includes the human aspects especially on inclusiveness.

The proposal has considered the planned use after the games and also how to integrate the facilities into the local university. The goals of addressing the externalities and future legacy have been met to satisfaction and the proposed plan has good potential to implement. The graphics are clear and explanatory”.