Bayu Rachmadana

Design Associate – Architecture

After graduating from the Technical Faculty of Architecture at Pancasila University Jakarta in 2002, Bayu embarked on a 6-year journey with Nataneka Architects. He gained valuable experience working on projects related to landed housing, interior design, and retail development.

In 2008, Bayu joined PDW, and since then, he has led his team in architecture and masterplan projects. His contributions at PDW encompass various sectors, including hospitality, education, government buildings, mixed-use developments, recreational facilities, offices, and shopping centres. Bayu`s versatility and expertise make him an asset to the firm, ensuring the successful execution of diverse architectural endeavours.

Elly Susilowati

Managing Associate – Architecture

Elly, a seasoned architect at PDW since 2004, brings a wealth of experience to her role. She has been involved in various projects, specializing in medium and high-rise buildings. Elly`s design expertise extends to office spaces, residential complexes, hospitality establishments, and commercial developments, primarily in Indonesia. As a lead architect, she collaborates with foreign architects as a local advisor, leveraging her proficiency in building regulations. Elly holds certification as an architect and is a valued member of Greenship Associates Indonesia, showcasing her commitment to sustainable architectural practices.

Frian Adhiprasetyo

Technical Project Associate

With over 20 years of experience working as an architect, Frian has amassed extensive expertise and has made substantial contributions in handling landscape and architecture projects, ranging from small to large scale, in Indonesia, Vietnam, and England. He began his professional career in 2003 at Sheilsflynn Asia as a landscape architect after previously serving as an assistant lecturer. He continued this journey for 10 years at PT. Airmas Asri, actively participating in various commercial projects including malls, hotels, apartments, and offices. Subsequently, he spent 2.5 years working with a developer before finally settling at PDW, where he currently works.

With this wealth of experience, Frian firmly believes that successful design can be achieved through strong interdisciplinary collaboration, where different fields of expertise work together as a team to overcome technical challenges. This collaborative effort is underpinned by meticulous schedule management.

Hale Ramia Aditia Putra

Design Associate – Architecture

Hale joined PDW in 2012 and is currently an Architect involved in various projects for medium and high-rise buildings. He serves as a lead architect and collaborates with foreign architects as a local advisor.

With 11 years of experience in practicing architecture, Hale began his career by designing office projects. In recent times, he has taken charge of primarily office and commercial projects.

Irene Hutami

Managing Associate - Architecture

Irene became a part of PDW in 2018 and has since risen to the position of Managing Associate within the company. Her academic achievements include completing her Master's degree in Sustainable Architecture at the prestigious Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). During her studies, she conducted a research thesis centered on minimizing energy consumption in an activity-based workplace within a Norwegian office building.

Driven by her profound interest in sustainable design, Irene's approach to architecture delves into innovative perspectives. Her goal is not only to craft environmentally responsible designs but also to seamlessly integrate buildings with the social and urban fabric. Moreover, Irene boasts substantial experience in participating in various tall building projects across Indonesia, starting from as early as 2010.

Libradi Dwiputranto

Technical Project Associate – Architecture

Libradi has 15 years of professional architecture experience after graduating from the Indonesia Institute of Technology in Jakarta. He has worked on diverse projects, including houses, high-rise buildings, and mixed-use buildings, participating in both the design and development phases. Libradi`s talent is evident through his multiple wins in Indonesian architecture competitions. He has also been an active administrator at the Institute of Architects in Indonesia since 2007. In academia, Libradi serves as a lecturer and co-lecturer at the Indonesia Institute of Technology, covering various disciplines. Libradi holds an Architect Professional certification from the Institute of Architects in Indonesia (IAI).

Mohammad Habibi

Design Associate – Architecture

For the past 8 years, Mohamad Habibi has been dedicated to the field of architecture. At the start of his career, he focused on designing office projects, and more recently, he has been primarily involved in office and commercial projects. Notably, his contributions to PDW have included the design of the acclaimed Gran Rubina and MPM Lubricant Headquarter, both of which have received prestigious awards.

Reza Kaedy

Design Associate – Architecture

Reza Kaedy, a graduate of Trisakti University in 2010, has built a successful career in the field of architecture. From 2009 to 2011, he honed his skills at Pulau Intan before joining USP Architect from 2011 to 2013. Since 2013, Reza has been an integral part of the PDW team, serving as a design manager.

With over 11 years of professional experience, Reza has contributed to numerous projects across Indonesia. His expertise lies in high-rise buildings and sports facilities regulations, and he played a key role in the acclaimed design of the Jakarta International Stadium, which garnered recognition.

Roy Hendra Pakpahan

Technical Project Associate – Architecture

Roy joined PDW in 2013 as an architect and has since been involved in a series of projects both public and private sector across Indonesia. Based on his excellent performance, Roy was promoted as a senior architect. Earlier, Roy worked as a junior architect at a wellknown construction management firm and involved in wide-ranging construction projects in Indonesia.

Roy holds a Bachelor Degree in Architecture from National Institute of Science and Technlogy. His interest to passive energy design combined with an effective and efficient building system determined his design toward green buildings. As a Senior Architect, Roy possesses strong project management to lead the project as a team to deliver high quality products, meet the timeline and ensure the design are work and practical yet innovative for the client.

Bagus Yanuar

Manager of Community Development (Landed)

Bagus, joined PDW in 2014 and has worked on a variety of high-rise and low-rise projects across Indonesia. With experience in designing luxurious private houses, boutique projects, and hospitality establishments, Bagus also possesses expertise in construction management, process, and detailing for low-rise buildings and landed houses. Holding a Bachelor of Architecture from Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), Bagus brings more than 20 years of experience in architectural project and design. As a Senior Architect, he excels in building layout, programming, material comprehension, budget consciousness, and construction management, ensuring high-quality, practical, and innovative designs within specified timelines for clients.

Indra Rizki

Manager of Quality Control & Specification

Indra has over ten years of experience in the professional architecture and engineering field. He earned his degree from the Indonesia National Institute of Science and Technology in Jakarta, Indonesia. Throughout his career, he has actively participated in many architectural and engineering projects, ranging from houses and apartments to office buildings and mixed-use developments. Notably, one of his most significant undertakings was the Fatmawati City Center Mixed-use Development, a massive project encompassing office spaces, apartments, condominiums, a shopping mall, and a hotel in Jakarta.

Adhi Gunadi

Senior Architecture Specialist

Adhi Gunadi has been engaged in building construction works, holding various positions, ever since he earned his architecture degree in 1999. He possesses extensive knowledge in numerous design aspects, construction methods, and strategic management to ensure successful project execution from the design phase to construction. Thanks to his diverse background in different roles, he can offer multiple options to address design challenges and promote effective coordination among all project stakeholders.

Agus Santosa

Senior Architecture Specialist

Santos, as he is known among his colleagues, obtained his architecture degree in 2006. His career commenced as a project architect for an apartment project in Kuningan. Over the years, he has garnered extensive experience in managing various projects, including apartments, campuses, and offices. As a seasoned architect, he possesses a wealth of knowledge concerning building codes and regulations, enabling him to provide adept solutions that meet design requirements.

Bayu Putra Rakhadiyan

Senior Architecture Specialist

Since graduating in 2013, Bayu has been actively practicing architecture to this day. He initially joined PDW as an intern, later transitioning into a full-fledged architect. Throughout his tenure, he has primarily focused on projects involving Apartments and Mixed-use typologies. Bayu's extensive experience has equipped him with proficiency in all stages of high-rise design. Notably, he has contributed to the successful completion of various projects, including Alamanda Office Bali, Mixed Use Kebayoran Icon, and The Newton Apartment (Ciputra World 2 Phase 3).

Bhima Rahadi

BIM Expert

Bhima started his career as an architect in 2014, although his project career started in 2011. Has been using BIM since in college, 2010, and still using it on every project he works on. Has experiences in various small-scale project such as landed house, interior project, and medium scale government project. In 2014, he joined PT Attaya Arsitek Internasional (Attaya Architects) and involved in various scale projects for public and private sector. 

He is a member of Ikatan Arsitek Indonesia (IAI) and Institut BIM Indonesia (IBIMI). He joined PDW in 2017 and has been involved in some architecture projects such as apartments, hotels, office buildings, etc. as an architect and BIM modeler.

Dyah Fatma

Senior Urban Planner/Designer

An experienced practitioner and researcher in urban design and planning, Fatma embarked on her career in 2005. Her keen interest in understanding human behavior within built environments and her passion for sustainable practices led her to obtain her PhD from the University of Tokyo. Throughout her career, Fatma has been actively involved in diverse projects, ranging from residential and commercial cluster planning and design to prominent regional planning initiatives in both Indonesia and foreign countries. Aside from being active as a practitioner, she is also involved in several research projects and has contributed academic writings.

Edi Wibowo

Specialist Project Architect

Edi commenced his architectural practice in 1995 and later joined PDW, where he has been actively involved in numerous projects focusing on medium and high-rise buildings. With his extensive experience, he has successfully designed office spaces, residential complexes, hospitality establishments, and commercial ventures, primarily located in Indonesia.

Edi assumes the role of lead architect in various projects and collaborates with foreign architects as a local advisor. His expertise extends to building regulations, and he holds certifications as an architect. Additionally, Edi serves as a member of Greenship Associates Indonesia, further showcasing his commitment to sustainable and environmentally responsible architecture.

Erlin Damayanti

Specifier Expert

With an impressive 24 years of experience in the field of professional architecture, Erlin is a highly skilled architect. She completed her education at Parahyangan Catholic University and joined PDW architects in 2013, where she currently serves as a specifier. She has been actively involved in multinational projects across Indonesia, contributing her expertise on building material specification. Throughout her career, she has also played a significant role in numerous tall building projects in the country, showcasing her proficiency in this specialized area of architecture since 1997.

Galuh Lidra Putra

Senior Architecture Specialist

Galuh, an architect and urban designer, boasts 6 years of experience in high-rise residential and master planning projects. He handles the entire project lifecycle from concept to construction, specializing in high-rise residential, commercial, and mixed-use projects. Galuh is also actively involved in developing and implementing Building Information Modeling (BIM) workflows at PDW, contributing to the company's research and development team for BIM implementation.

Galuh's interests in architecture include Urban Behaviourology, Housing, Craftsmanship and Fabrication, and Sustainable Practice. He studies the impact of everyday living patterns on city growth, considers human dwellers' implications on architectural design, values materiality, and craftsmanship, and explores sustainable construction and operation strategies.

Heru Budhi S.

Senior Interior Designer

Heru joined PDW in 2015 as a senior Project & Design Interior. He has experience in various projects. Before joining PDW, he worked in several companies as architect. Heru started to delve deeper in interior design since 2004 when he was a project coordinator for the interior work of the Office Management Director at Wisma BSG.

And then continue to handle interior projects such as interior offices, interior apartments, hotels, and interior retail. Experienced in the field in project management, coordinating between designers, implementers in the field so that project implementation can run well and on time.

Julianti Putri Setiawan

Senior Urban Planner/Designer

Julianti, an experienced urban designer, began her career in 2013. Her expertise encompasses a wide range of projects, including residential master plans, Urban Design Guidelines for mega projects, and industrial master plans. She has actively contributed to urban development initiatives, particularly in Indonesia. In 2017, Julianti pursued a master’s degree in Urban Ecological Planning at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, further expanding her knowledge. After completing her studies, she rejoined the team in 2019 as an urban designer. Passionate about research and collaboration, Julianti continues to engage in global research on people's participation in planning and design processes, aiming to strengthen the foundation of her work.

Kevin Trikusumo Febriansyah

Senior Architecture Specialist

Kevin started his career in 2016 in PDW as an architect. He has been involved in various projects, ranging from hospitality, sport facility building, office, and mixed-use development.  Throughout his career, he has experience of being involved on various stages of project, starting from conceptual development, design research, and doing a collaboration with foreign architect as local advisor. He is a determined young professional with a high adaptability to work in an international environment and always looking for a greater possibility of design.

Mirza Shahrani

Senior Architecture Specialist

Mirza graduated from the University of Indonesia (UI) in 2009. He began his career at PTI Architects from 2009 to 2010 and then joined the well-known architecture firm, DP Architects, where he worked from 2010 to 2015. During this time, he contributed to various large-scale projects, including Singapore's 2nd university, SUTD (Singapore University of Technology and Design). From 2015 to 2016, he joined another Singapore-based company, Ong & Ong, before returning to Indonesia to join Quadratura Indonesia, where he worked on the Arumaya Residence project. Since 2019, he has been an integral part of PDW Architects.

Theresiana Clarisa

Senior Architecture Specialist

Tere has 12 years experiences in professional architecture practice. She graduated from Parahyangan Catholic University, Bandung, Indonesia. After various previous experiences involved from residential projects to mixed use high rises, Tere joined PDW architects in 2019. Her main interest is to always support sustainable architecture while incorporating cultural heritage factor into her design.

Viernanda Yoga Pribadi

Design Quality Control & Specification Manager

Yoga is a highly accomplished architect with 15 years of experience in Office & Commercial projects. Graduating from Institut Teknologi Sepuluh November in 2002, he joined PDW architects in 2006 as project manager. Notable projects in his portfolio include the iconic office towers Menara Tendean and BTPN Office Tower. Yoga has also contributed to the prestigious Senopati Suites.

Yasono Setyo Atmoko

Senior Landscape Designer

Moko has more than 20 years of experience. He has been involved in a wide range of landscape architecture in different countries, including European countries, China, and Indonesia. His adventure started when joining the British Landscape Consultant branch office.

Along with the learning curve, he has understood European standards of landscape architecture in natural heritage areas, natural suburban areas, and natural public amenities. His passion for outdoor activities in the natural environment led him to work on some landscape projects in Taman Nasional, Cagar Alam, and Taman Wisata Alam throughout Sumatera, Jawa, Kalimantan, and Sulawesi. In China, he worked on more urban landscapes in apartments, hotels, resorts, villas, and commercial.

Architecture Design Team


Adelina Dwiyani
Agast Yudithya Jasmadi
Agitha Yusuf
Agra Senopati
Akhmad Ilyas Arifudin
Annisa Rahma Widya Putri
Aprilia Gita Siswantari
Builda Abi Apselan
Darmawan Winaga
Dicky Ahmad Nursa
Dyah Ayu Pitaloka
Fajar Tri Kusuma
Fanny Hilyatunnisa
Farakh Maulidya
George Michael
Gregorius Gerry Devianto
Haykal Hielmy
James Paul Arthur Awuy
Joshua Harry Prabowo
Marshia Kumala Tingsantoso
Muhammad Kemal Haqqy
Muhammad Sidqi Azizi
Muhammad Subhan Novriansyah
Natasha Laras
Noviar Hikmatul Falah
Rahma Izzati
Raja Amalia Divya Reynanda
Scholastika Virginia Widya Prastika
Shofi Syahira Khairunnisa

Urban Design and Planning


Adinda Estiana
Bimo Wicaksana
Diego Veto Armando
Karyn Widyarani Mulyono
M. Luthfie M.M.
Muhammad Naufal Zahdi
Nadya Imtiaz
Prabowo Hanifianto
Prinka A. Choesin
Rizkika Zulhijjiani
Rizky Nur Asih

Landed Development


Arsya Wibawa
Habibi Ainul Fatihah
Muhammad Taufik Rahmatullah
Naafian Maulana Rizal
Suhijrah Willa Widodo
Weldan Defry Maulana

Landscape Design


Anissa Laini Hakima
Arif Arifin
Enos Rendra Layuk
Latisha Zahrah
Rudy Adrianto

Interior Design


Adrian Wicaksana
Benediktus Bima Arya Rihardika
Bintang Mohamad Tegar
Dian Putra Purnama
Siti Sarah
Sugeng Riadi
Yoga Dewantoro