Mohammad Danisworo


Hailed as one of the best urban planners in Indonesia, Mohammad Danisworo is the founding father of PDW. Sensing the opportunities after political and economic turmoil in 1997, he established PDW and led the firm with his extensive knowledge in architecture, planning, and urban design. His vision about the ideal and adaptable consultant is what the team strives for, and he is an inspiration to everyone with his vehement passion.

Mohammad Archica Danisworo

Director of Design & Marketing

Known to his close friends as Chico, the Design Director of PDW Architects is a licensed ASEAN & Indonesian architect. He started his career abroad then returned home to make a name for himself and the firm that his father created through numerous landmark projects in Jakarta, Oman, UAE, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Japan. His first-hand knowledge and excellent works gave PDW the wings it needed to soar.


Managing Director

Best known as Tiyok, the PDW`s Managing Director is a certified architect and planner who has worked on architecture and urban design projects with various scales and levels. As one of the core founders of Green Building Indonesia and the Deputy to Chairman for International Relations of Green Building Council Indonesia, he ensures PDW always stays true to its core value of going Beyond Building by adhering to the Green Building principle. With his bright personality and steady hands, he steered the firm and brought it to prominence.

Moehamad Deni Desvianto

Project Director

With over 19 years of experience in preparing, designing, and managing projects all over Indonesia, Deni was a valuable addition to PDW`s team. His hands-on approach and detailed attention to each project ensured that all of PDW`s works went on successfully without a glitch. With his excellent leadership and interpersonal skill, he became an important player that led his team to achieve a new height.

Nur Muhammad Gito Wibowo

Director - Urban Design, Masterplanning, Landscape & Community Development

A renowned urban designer with projects that ranged from masterplan of a residential area to central business districts under his belt, Gito also had years of experience as a researcher and extensive knowledge of urban design. With years of working with multi-disciplinary teams both in Indonesia and other countries, he became the fearless leader of PDW`s Urban Design Division who understand the importance of diversity in creating works that go Beyond Building.

Didon Danisworo

Associate Director - Interior Design

Didon Danisworo, Ssn., MFA is a principal of interior design in PDW Architects. He finished bachelor degree at Desain Interior FSRD of Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), Indonesia.
Didon took his Master`s degree of Fine Arts in Graphic Design at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), New York.
Passion in information design combine with interior design discipline, Didon led the team to design interior project of MPM Plant Office, Mall Pelayanan Publik Jakarta, include Ciputra Apartments and Telkom Office.

Erlangga Baskara

Associate Director – Urban Design, Masterplanning, Landscape & Community Dev.

Erlangga has since been involved in a series of public and private projects across Indonesia, Cambodia, Suriname, and Palau. Prior to joining PDW, Erlangga worked as an urban designer at a multinational firm based in Singapore, where he was involved in wide-ranging urban development projects in Southeast Asia and China. 

Erlangga holds a Master of Arts in Urban Design from the National University of Singapore and brings his experience in urban planning, urban strategies, urban design, and concept development. His interest in sustainable transport and transit-oriented development motivates him to design a livable neighbourhood. Erlangga has strong project management to lead the project as a team to deliver high-quality products, meet the timeline and ensure the design is work and practical yet innovative for the client.